The appeal was its simplicity. It’s not hard, there are no guidelines about how to breathe or how to think during the meditation. It was this simplicity that was most appealing to me with such a busy, stressful life.
— Peter Richie, CEO
 Jo Jarvis, journalist, former media executive, Vedic Meditation teacher      

Hi there,

I'm Joh Jarvis. I teach Vedic Meditation after more than 20 years working as a media executive, journalist and executive producer. I know what it's like to be stressed and overwhelmed. In 2006 stress was killing me. I was exhausted and anxious. Vedic Meditation was the key to my turnaround. I'm now dedicated to showing others how to learn this simple practice and develop a daily meditation habit.  

You can read more about Vedic Meditation here, read the stories of meditators, or register to attend a Vedic Meditation introductory talk or  contact me to discuss your options. I'm here to support you learning this practice and integrating it into your life.

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Three steps to learn

1. Attend a Vedic Meditation introductory talk to learn about group or private courses. Or contact Joh Jarvis

2. Attend a four-session Vedic Meditation course

3. Drop-in to regular free group meditation classes for Vedic Meditation graduates