I’ve spent the past four days coming to her meditation studio in Midtown. Amongst the chaos of NYC, she’s taught me to meditate. I feel calmer and happier than I have in years.

 Joh Jarvis

  In Brooklyn, with Tiny, my Yorkshire Terrier.             

Joh Jarvis teaches Vedic Meditation from a studio in Manhattan's fashion district. She began meditating in 2006 when working as a media executive at ABC Radio, Australia. Overwhelmed with anxiety and insomnia she took a friend's advice and learned Vedic Meditation. She had tried other forms of meditation, and other modalities, but Vedic Meditation was the game changer. 

After practising the technique for seven years she became a Vedic Meditation teacher training for more than six months in Sydney, Australia and Rishikesh, India with Tim Brown.


Joh has taught Vedic Meditation to a broad range of people. The group includes chief executives, journalists, media producers, her handy man, a former US Open and Wimbledon tennis champion, a young amateur golf champion, plumbers, fashion models, film makers, senior bureaucrats, personal trainers and a family friend who was seriously ill in hospital.  

Many were seeking better sleep, some wanted to be sharper and more productive, some wanted relief from anxiety and depression, and greater peace. All wanted to better deal with stress.  

Joh is continually updating her knowledge and skills. She is currently undergoing a three-year course with the Centre for Intentional Living, Connecticut.

While Joh's main focus is teaching, she continues to produce stories, such as a series of interviews she conducted across the US with affluent supporters of President Donald Trump. Her reporting and photography has appeared in the Guardian, US, ABC News, Australia, House and Garden magazine and News.com.au . You can view some of her work here.

Joh spent more than 20 years at the Australian Broadcasting Corporation in a variety of high profile and senior roles including as a journalist, media executive and news program executive producer.

You can contact Joh here.