GROUP MEDITATIONS: in person and online

Group meditations are free of charge and are held every second Friday in Manhattan at either 300 Park Avenue or 202 East 19th Street at 6.00-7.00pm.

If you have learned Vedic or Transcendental Meditation you are welcome to attend. If you are a meditator who has learned via an app or in a mindfulness, or any other course you are welcome to attend but the method we use and the content of the conversation will be less relevant to you. If you would like to learn Vedic Meditation, please contact Joh.

Hilda af Klint

Hilda af Klint

Upcoming group meditation dates:

MAY: (Joh is in Australia and has emailed past students with group meditation details. If you didn’t receive the email please contact Joh.)

JUNE 14:

JUNE 28:

JULY 12:

JULY 26:

Please RSVP here.

Online group meditations are also free and are held monthly.

Next online meeting: Saturday 27 April 10am Sydney/Melbourne = Friday 26 April 8pm NYC

Please RSVP here for online group meditation.

If you have sat the 4Days4Life course you are eligible to join the group meditations with some of Joh’s colleagues in New York City, Los Angeles, Sydney and Melbourne. Please contact Joh for details.