Group Vedic Meditation Course

I’m pretty surprised and proud of myself for picking up this habit and sticking with it.  Habits are not easy to make but this is so effortless and rewarding.

A course in Vedic Meditation is four consecutive sessions. Session one is one-to-one, the following three sessions are shared with a group of no more than eight students.  

Each session is 60-90 minutes.

You'll receive a personal mantra in the first session and will be meditating on your own by the end of the class. The following three sessions are spent refining the technique, deeply understanding the practice and and learning how to make meditation a life-long habit.

Group courses run regularly at different times - lunch time, evening and weekends.

Ongoing support and follow up

Once the course is finished you can attend free regular group meditations. You are also welcome to resit any part of the course for free.

How to get started

Look at the date for the next intro talk about learning Vedic Meditation or contact Joh to discuss your options.

The course fee

The course fee is $700 which includes ongoing free weekly group meditations and the ability to re-sit the course at any time.

Anyone who has difficulty paying the course fee upfront can pay in two installments with the first installment due at the beginning of the course and the second a month later. 

It is my aim to ensure that anyone who has a strong desire to learn meditation has access to this incredibly effective technique.