By now, we all know that we need to eat nutritiously, sleep properly and exercise regularly. But it's beginning to dawn on us that we also need to attend to the health of the mind.

Most of us are stressed. In fact, 75 percent of Americans complain they're under too much pressure.  As most of us can attest, stress affects our mood and outlook on life. It's key to our mental health. 

An effective way to change our reaction to the pressures of life is meditation. A recent Harvard University study showed meditation calms the part of the brain which triggers the stress response. When we react to pressure differently, our mind and body are free to function effectively. We are more likely to thrive.  

But while we might have heard meditation is good for us, many of us think it will be too difficult, or that our mind is too busy or we doubt we can stick to it. 

The meditation technique I teach is very simple and anyone can do it - even people with busy minds who can't sit still. It's well suited for busy people juggling work, family, friends and their own needs. You can read here what others say about the benefits of meditation and if you'd like to learn more about what I teach, please click here or contact me.     Joh Jarvis

I’d had a big day already and I was really losing focus. I had exactly 20 minutes till my 3 pm meeting so I took a room at work and punched out a 20 minute session. It set me up for the rest of the day and night.
— Jonathan Harley, Vedic Meditator

Vedic Meditation Benefits

Vedic Meditation unlocks stress, tension and fatigue from the body and mind. Given that stress is responsible for many ailments, medical and health practitioners are increasingly recommending meditation as a basic personal management tool.

Meditation twice a day for 20 minutes helps facilitate the following:

  • Better sleep
  • Greater clarity, creativity, improved memory and intelligence
  • More energy
  • Relief from depression and anxiety
  • Relief from migraines, headaches and asthma
  • Less risk of heart disease
  • Improved immune system
  • Reduced use of addictive substances and relief from addictive behaviors
  • Body weight normalization