How do I learn?

I’m pretty surprised and proud of myself for picking up this habit and sticking with it. Habits are not easy to form but this is so effortless and rewarding.
— Jane Macky - Business strategist

1. Attend an introductory talk, or contact Joh directly

Introductory talks explaining the Vedic Meditation course, the technique and the benefits are held regularly at Joh Jarvis's meditation studio on West 39th Street between 7th and 8th avenues in Manhattan. If you can't attend an introductory talk, please contact Joh Jarvis to discuss your options.

2. Attend a four-session course


Group courses are held over four sessions on four consecutive days. The first session is 60 mins, one-to-one. The second, third and fourth sessions are 90 minutes in a group setting.

Private courses follow a similar pattern but are arranged to fit into your schedule and location.

3. Access ongoing support


Regular free meditation meetings are held at Joh Jarvis's meditation studio for Vedic Meditation graduates.  Joh Jarvis is also available for private meetings and mentoring.