The short story

  In Brooklyn, with Tiny, my Yorkshire Terrier.             

In Brooklyn, with Tiny, my Yorkshire Terrier.





I began teaching Vedic Meditation after more than 20 years working as a journalist, media executive and news program executive producer. I teach it because I want to pass on a simple practice that for me was a game-changer. The technique is easy, some results are immediate, and others build over time.   

Contrary to what many believe, you won't "lose your edge" if you meditate. You'll be sharper, more creative and more productive. I believe it's only a matter of time before meditation is the public health recommendation alongside a nutritious diet, good sleep, and exercise.

If you're interested in learning or just want to hear more about this technique, please feel free to contact me.

The long story

I began meditating about ten years ago when my stress levels were skyrocketing.  I was a successful senior executive in a large media organisation. I’d been managing radio networks for five years after being a journalist and an executive producer of current affairs programs and talk back radio.

I was a well-regarded leader in my field but I couldn't have been unhappier.

I'd tried so many different approaches to improving my life but while some helped, overall I was still in the same place.

The only thing I hadn’t tried was meditation. I initially attempted mindfulness meditation but found the requirement to concentrate and control my thoughts too difficult. A friend then suggested Vedic Meditation. It was a game changer.

I felt less anxious, more focused and began to sleep better. The initial results tempered a little but I persisted because I knew what was possible.  Over time my anxiety and depression were completely erased.

What I especially liked about the practice was that it was easy, it didn’t require concentration and I could do it anywhere, even in the back of a cab on the way to a meeting. And I was dedicated, the more it worked the more I committed to my practice.

None of this was magic. It took time and persistence but meditation was the one modality that began the turn around and has never left me as my key personal management tool.

Each morning I’d meditate as soon as I rose. In the afternoons, I’d close my office door and meditate for 15 or 20 minutes.   

Eventually, I left corporate media to work as a freelance journalist and photographer. Then, eager to share what I’d learned, I studied meditation teaching in Sydney, Australia, where I was living. The training was both exacting and exciting and took me to Rishikesh, India and eventually the US.

 Who I work with

The range of people I teach has been broad. I’ve taught chief executives, journalists, radio producers, my handy man, a young amateur golf champion, plumbers, fashion models, film makers, senior bureaucrats, personal trainers and a family friend while he was seriously ill in hospital.  

Some were hoping to feel more peaceful, others wanted better sleep, some wanted to be sharper and more productive. All wanted to better deal with stress.  

If you’d like to learn Vedic Meditation, I teach a course of four short, consecutive sessions. The course is dynamic and effective and the technique is easy and simple. 

If you'd like to know more about the courses I teach please contact me.