I don’t think I’ve undertaken anything more valuable for heart and soul and mind. Joh is a great teacher and superb woman.
I played professional tennis for 22 years and my only wish is that I had learned meditation long before my journey on tour. It would have helped me on court to be calmer and clearer in tough matches. But while I’d thought about meditating, I honestly never thought I could do it. Then I met Joh and she convinced me that I could. I just had to learn the technique. Joh explained with kindness and understanding the benefits of meditation, that it’s not this crazy “zen thing” that you have to be perfect at, you just have to try. When you understand the basics, then you understand the benefits. Meditation has given me a calmness and clarity I have always wanted. I feel more able to handle the trials and tribulations of what life delivers, big or small. My reactions to things are more thoughtful and less reactive. I even enjoy the solidarity of meditation now.

So instead of spending 20 minutes on social media or watching TV, take 20 minutes twice a day to take care of you. Joh taught me that and I am grateful for it.
“Joh taught me a simple meditation practice that is supportive and sustainable and which I’ve continued daily for the past two and half years. As a busy working professional with two children I’ve found that meditation helps me to renew my energy and clear my thoughts.
The simple and empathic inner voice that Joh provided has remained with me and helps me find the benefits in meditation without needing it to be ‘perfect’.”
Joh has taught me a simple form of meditation; I am still a beginner, but meditation has already helped to quiet my rushing thoughts, restored my spirit, and eased my constricted body
“Learning to meditate with Joh was simple, but profound. I feel more grounded, rather than living in my chattering mind. My relationships, both personal and professional have greatly improved and my clarity of thought and sense of ease have strongly evolved.”

The appeal was its simplicity. It’s not hard, there are no guidelines about how to breathe or how to think during the meditation. It was this simplicity that was most appealing to me with such a busy, stressful life.

The daily meditation practice has made me feel focussed and productive while calm and reflective.
“I first met Joh working at the ABC in Sydney. Now, in Manhattan, we meet again. I’ve spent the past four days coming to her meditation studio in Midtown. Amongst the chaos of NYC, she’s taught me to meditate. I feel calmer and happier than I have in years.

If you are in New York I can’t recommend her highly enough. I’m so excited by what’s to come. Thank you Joh!

My sister had been telling me I should learn Vedic Meditation but I didn’t think it would fit into my hectic NYC lifestyle. But I was extremely worn down by some key relationships and I felt depleted and out of touch with myself and thought I would give it a try.

Learning was simple and pleasurable and Joh is a relatable, straightforward, inspirational teacher.  

Since I learned meditation, I have a stronger sense of confidence and peace, I look forward to meditating twice a day as a time of solitude.  I feel more able to tackle the challenges ahead of me, as well as able to enjoy the here and now.

I also feel an incredible sense of support from my meditation practice and from Joh personally.

I’m pretty surprised and proud of myself for picking up this habit and sticking with it.  Habits are not easy to make but this is so effortless and rewarding.
Initially I didn’t have much faith that this new technique could improve on the clarity of the mindfulness meditation that I’d been doing for years. But I was surprised to find that Vedic Meditation delivered a huge range of benefits, the most significant of which was the complete ‘cure’ of my asthma that I had lived with since I was six weeks old. As long as I continue to meditate twice a day, I am symptom-free.

The practice has also helped me to think far more clearly which has made my life more manageable.
Joh is a very clear, down-to-earth teacher who has been particularly helpful in encouraging me to keep it simple. I also appreciate that over the years she’s remained available as my teacher for questions and check-ins whenever new questions arise.
I often cannot make decisions, now after meditating I feel I have a clearer outlook on life. Also problem solving seems much more relaxed, instead of instantly stressing,