Urban Retreats

Urban retreats are held at Joh Jarvis's studio 11am-3pm Saturdays.

It's a chance to deepen and expand your practice through "rounding"  which is a series of stretches and a breath exercise which accompany meditation. One "round" of stretches, breathing and meditation takes approximately 50 minutes. During an urban retreat you will do two or three rounds. 

Rounding has been referred to as "industrial strength laundering of stress". Vedic meditation on its own is a profoundly effective way to release stress from the nervous system. Once you've learned to meditate, rounding is a way to intensify this process. It is not necessary for everyone to round once they've learned meditation. But this is one way to take your practice further.

If you would like to learn to round in a one-on-one ninety minute session, please contact Joh.